Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance is a type of coverage that can provide financial protection to individuals in the event they are held liable for damages or injuries caused to a third party. While it's not a requirement for most travel destinations, it's an essential insurance cover that protects you from unforeseen circumstances that can lead to financial ruin.


What is Personal Liability Insurance?

Personal Liability Insurance can cover you in the event that you accidentally cause damage or injury to another person (not a member of your family or travelling party) or their property (not owned by you, a member of your family or travelling party) while travelling. For instance, if you accidentally damage someone's property or cause injury to a person, you could be held liable for the damages, which can be financially crippling. With personal liability insurance, you can have protection from these financial liabilities.

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What does Personal Liability Insurance Cover?

Personal liability insurance covers the legal liability to pay damages or compensation if someone (not a member of your family or travelling party) is injured or their property (not owned by you, a member of your family or travelling party) is damaged by you while you are travelling.

Why do I need Personal Liability Insurance?

Accidents can happen, and if you are held liable for causing injury or damage to someone, the financial implications can be devastating. Personal liability insurance can provide financial protection and peace of mind while you travel.

How much Personal Liability Insurance do I need?

The amount of personal liability insurance you need depends on the travel destination and the activities you plan to undertake. Some countries require a minimum amount of coverage for visitors, while other countries do not have any requirements. Travel Protect offers $2,500,000 in legal liability cover. It's important to assess the risks involved in your travel and ensure that you have sufficient protection.

How can I purchase Personal Liability Insurance?

You can purchase personal liability insurance through a travel insurance provider. At Travel Protect, we offer a range of travel insurance plans that include personal liability insurance coverage. You can purchase our plans online or by contacting our customer service team.

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